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Artists capture the world and characters of ‘The Hobbit’

Reports are flooding in that Peter Jackson will indeed direct The Hobbit in a two-movie deal, and I know I’m not the only Lord of the Rings fan who is jumping for joy at the news. Yet before we see this world once more through Jackson’s eyes, let’s take a peek at what artists have been doing for years: creating incredible art depicting Tolkien’s beloved world and characters.

Jan Bintakies
Jan Bintakies
John Howe

Alan Lee

Alan Lee

Justin Gerard

Justin Gerard

Justin Gerard
Iain McCaig

Andrei Pervukhin
Armand Dimitri
David T Wenzel

Andy Smith

Chris Mills

Nate Hallinan

Gonzalo Ordóñez Arias
Richard Whitters
Flynn the Cat

Alexandra Dubeau

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