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Stonehenge made out of… foam? Foam and fiberglass art by Mark Cline

Mark Cline’s Foamhenge (and my mom holding down the fort)

I just returned from a visit back east, and one of our pit stops was a family reunion in Natural Bridge, VA. I assumed, like most small towns in Virginia, that we’d only find historical sights reminiscent of a colonial-inspired era. What I didn’t expect to see was a life-size replica of Stonehenge made from foam!

Mark Cline, artist and native of Virginia, produces foam and fiberglass pieces for attractions all over the state, including Foamhenge, Enchanted Castle Studios and Professor Cline’s Haunted Monster Museum & Dark Maze, a haunted mansion tucked back in the woods, complete with monsters and sci-fi inspired characters including a half Frankenstein half chicken.

Here are some photos of his work

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