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Video: Brandon Sanderson Reads “A Memory of Light”

By Kristen Nedopak  //  Books, DragonCon, Festivals & Events, Wheel of Time  //  Comments Off on Video: Brandon Sanderson Reads “A Memory of Light”

Exclusive Preview of A Memory of Light

Wheel of Time fans at Dragon*Con 2012 were treated to a special preview reading by Brandon Sanderson of A Memory of Light, the final book in the epic Wheel of Time fantasy series!

Brandon gave the audience a sneak peek at Chapter 11 , which featured Mat Cauthon returning to some old Ebou Dari stomping grounds. But how does one sneak into a city when an entire Empire is looking for you? Mat’s whereabouts weren’t the only thing that Sanderson revealed about A Memory of Light.

The second video is a Q & A with Brandon, Maria and Jenn Liang.

How excited are we for January 2013?!

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Star Wars Identities: The Coolest Exhibition of 2012

By Kristen Nedopak  //  Props & Set, Science Fiction, Star Wars, Visual Art  //  Comments Off on Star Wars Identities: The Coolest Exhibition of 2012

When I saw the new poster art for Star Wars Identities: The Exhibition, my jaw hit the floor! This is some of the coolest poster art I’ve seen in a while. A great spin on the classics we love.

The exhibition itself takes place in Canada in late 2012, and you can find our more on their official website.

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