Towers of Midnight Prologue read by Brandon Sanderson

Outta This World captured Brandon Sanderson reading the first few pages of “Distinctions,” the Towers of Midnight prologue, off his laptop during the TOM panel at Dragon*Con (2010). Towers of Midnight is book 13 in The Wheel of Time series. My apologies for the slightly shaky camera. This was completely impromptu!

This is only part of the prologue too! You can purchase the entire piece at Brandon Sanderson has also posted the the first Mat chapter from Towers of Midnight, “The Seven-Striped Lass,” on his website.

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Seamas designed the Tower of Genji in the Towers of Midnight book trailer and is famous for his Wheel of Time character renditions.

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7 Comments to “Towers of Midnight Prologue read by Brandon Sanderson”

  • […] Be sure to check out our other post with a VIDEO: Towers of Midnight Prologue read by Brandon Sanderson (Dragon*Con) […]

  • […] Towers of Midnight Prologue read by Brandon Sanderson (Dragon*Con) Tags: book trailer, brandon sanderson, dragonmount, fantasy art, robert jordan, Seamus Gallagher, tor, Towers of Midnight, wheel of time, WOT […]

  • Who did the intro title sequence for your Outta this World videos? I love the motion graphics, and I’m wondering where you got it done and how you get your funding for this stuff?

    • Great questions that I don’t mind sharing at all! First, my boyfriend did the intro sequence. He’s an incredible visual designer ( Another friend did the intro music, and at times I ask a director pal to shoot my stuff on camera (when I’m at events, like Faerieworlds, a much more intense episode; I shot all WoT stuff myself with a tripod). I work for trade and help them with whatever they need (producing their work, helping them with marketing, hosting their shows, etc). That’s a very common thing in the filmmaking industry.

      Funding: I’m 100% funding myself (for now). Which means I had to learn how to write, shoot, produce and edit my own episodes; and I’ve paid for all of my plane tickets/entrance fees to the events. It is definitely a lot of work, and you kind of need a day job to help, but I LOVE it and do plan on, after a few more videos, looking for funding and/or starting to use my current work to get someone to pay me to cover their event. I’m also a professional host who loves sci-fi/fantasy, so this is all part of my job.

      In terms of equipment: You don’t need that much. $700 for an HD camera (the size of my hand), $100-400 for audio/mic, most of the shoots are outside so I don’t need lights, and I edit in Adobe Premiere. Dane does the special FX in after effects.

      Hope that helps answer your questions!

      • Thanks!

  • […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Tor Books,,, David Brewer, David Brewer and others. David Brewer said: RT @dragonmount: Video of @BrandonSandrson reading the #TofM prologue. (via @nedopak) … […]

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