Faerieworlds 2010 in photos: Costumes, music & aerial art

Me in my Good Faerie costume
Me in my Good Faerie costume
And my Bad Faerie get-up
And my Bad Faerie get-up

Outta This World the show covered Faerieworlds 2010, and it was a blast! From winged faeries to horned creatures to an authentic-looking Avatar, everyone donned incredible works of art.

Attire aside, mystic bands such as Woodland and Faun mesmerized festival goers through the night, followed up by fire dancing and a haunting aerial number.

Here’s a look at some of the best costumes and enchanting entertainment from this year’s festivities.

(Click on any thumbnail to see a larger image or view as a slideshow.)

Costumes: Faeries

Costumes: Other Creative Wonders

Entertainment: Faun, Fire Dancing & Aeriel Art

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7 Comments to “Faerieworlds 2010 in photos: Costumes, music & aerial art”

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  • Still waiting for the Ebisode, but great pictures and it was nice to have met you at FW, hope we will see you there again next year. I’m going to go “all out” with my costume this time :)

    • Thanks Joshua! I’m a “one woman show” so I’ve got to edit the episodes first… but they’re coming soon!

  • CUUUUUUTE costume! And, look at those gams! Damn, girl! Seriously, this event looked like a blast. If only I could wear a costume everyday… Life would be BLISS!

  • […] Outta This World for photos of this incredible event, or click on the image […]

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