Heroes scoop: Cast members disagree on movie

Sylar (my favorite character) and prey

First of all, like all fans, I want to start off with an official R.I.P. Heroes. I fell in love with the show in season 1, and though it took a few interesting twists and turns, I’ve remained a fan ever since.

Though countless blogs and magazines continue to speculate whether or not NBC will wrap up the Heroes plot via a two-hour film, I had the opportunity to ask one cast member (last night) who said, “there isn’t going to be a movie.” He notes that NBC ditched the mere thought of a season 5 because, well, it cost too much money to produce the show. Why would they spend money on a film?

Entertainment Weekly gives us an exclusive interview with Greg Grunberg (a.k.a. Matt Parkman) who still has high hopes that the fans will get their wish of a proper ending.

I guess that means… we wait!

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